I have a recent success story to tell.  One of my clients had a hard drive fail in his laptop just recently.  The computer would no longer boot Windows even in safe mode.  I received the laptop from him early on a Saturday morning when I was making waffles and still in my ‘jammies!  He really relies heavily on his computer for his business.

When I tested the drive with Dell’s own diagnostic toolset, sure enough – hard drive self-test failure, code 0142, 2000-0142.  What does that mean you ask?  It means the hard drive is reporting a general failure and is no longer reliable.  Luckly, this client had two things going for him:

1. His computer was under warranty, so he was able to get the hard drive replaced for free

2. He subscribes to Carbonite online backup!

P3C Technologies is a reseller of this terrific service, for under $50 a year we can get you the peace of mind of a backup service that runs in the background automatically.  Had this client not had Carbonite, he would have lost documents and his email.  When I hooked up the old drive to attempt recovery, all I heard was “click, click, click…” – dangerous sounds coming from a hard drive that has your family memories.  Am I trying to use scare tactics to get you to backup your data?  YOU BET!  Because once it is gone due to this type of issue, you’ll thank me for spending $50 a year instead of trying to send your dead hard drive with family pictures from your whole life to a data recovery service that will charge you thousands of dollars just to ATTEMPT to recover your data.

It’s a no brainer, make sure you are backing up your files.  And if you need help, ask us at P3C Technologies to get you a discount on Carbonite Online Backup.