We are a Sintel Systems Partner

P3C Technologies LLC has partnered with Sintel Systems to bring you “quality performance based POS Systems with style.”  Sintel Systems is the industry’s true 1-stop point of sale (POS) solution provider.  One number takes care of your hardware, software, technical support, training, gift cards, and merchant account processing, and yes even warranty needs.  No more endless third party chases.

From restaurants to frozen yogurt and pizza shops, Sintel Systems will custom configure your POS systems to fit your needs. In case of the weighted industries such as frozen yogurt, deli, bakery and candy shops, Sintel Systems has created certified systems to meet all your needs. Sintel Systems has created gram and ounce Frozen Yogurt Shop POS Systems that are NTEP and internationally certified. No more buying hardware, then finding compatible software and peripherals, and then trying to figure it all out on your own. As a true one-stop solution provider, Sintel Systems’ all-in-one packages let you concentrate on more important tasks.

Systems include:

  • Pre-Configured Hardware (Includes All Your Cables)
    • Touch Screen Terminal
    • Thermal Receipt Printer
    • Magnetic Card Reader
    • Cash Drawer
    • LCD Customer Display
    • Integrated Scale (ounce or gram)
    • Bar Code Scanner
  • Software
    • Custom Pre-Installed Software with Your Menu
    • User friendly frontend for quick employee training
    • Backend tools to manage your operation effectively
    • Time clock for employee management
  • Services
    • Training & Technical Support – Most comprehensive & all inclusive
    • Call Once Your Items Arrive and They Guide You Through the Setup
    • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
    • Comprehensive warranty (3 to 5 years)
    • Loaner and next day replacement
    • Software version upgrades (not just updates)


Sintel offers free shipping within the United States with your purchase of a POS Package and rebate programs for worldwide shipping.  Your POS system also
includes the ability to process gift cards and loyalty programs to help build your client base.  Sintel offers free credit card processing integration when you
set up a merchant account.  Order today and let Sintel do the POS work for you.  AND as a bonus, mention that P3C Technologies referred you to Sintel Systems and get your first set of custom gift/loyalty cards for free.