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Jul 20, 2011 — OpenDNS, the world’s largest and fastest-growing provider of Internet navigation and security services that make networks safer, faster, smarter and more reliable, today announced a strategic partnership with D-Link to deliver router-based parental controls on consumer model D-Link routers and provide families the easiest and most effective way to protect every Internet connected device in the household. More than 20 million people already trust their Internet to OpenDNS and this technology integration enables millions more to secure their Internet from unsafe content.

This is excellent.  I’ve been using OpenDNS for several years now, and recommend it to all my clients who look to make Internet usage at home for kids the best experience it can be.   The protection they provide from explicit content and malware based sites is excellent.  AND on top of that, the performance of their service is FREE for households and works faster than the DNS servers provided by my internet service provider!

Ask us at P3C how we can setup opendns in your home and get you to a safer, faster Internet experience at home.