BeyondTVCurious about the technology products that Brad @ P3C Technologies uses in his everyday life to make things easier?  Here is one:

SnapStream’s Beyond TV

Want to know how I save $100 a month?  I do not pay a single cent for cable or satellite TV, as I do not use it!  I receive clear, digital, and most importantly free, over-the-air HD TV.  SnapStream’s BeyondTV product lets me turn my computer into a personal digital video recorder (DVR) similar to Tivo, so that I do not miss any of my favorite shows.  And I love having a quiet computer in my living room that looks unobtrusive, and blends in with my other stereo components that acts as a video recorder, music jukebox, and Internet surfing station.

BeyondTV works with cable and satellite too, so you could utilize it as a DVR if you do not already have one and really want to keep the extra content that Time Warner, Charter, Dish Network, or DirectTV provide.