P3C Technologies has gone wireless with Ting by Tucows!  We are now a wireless reseller!

What is Ting?  Ting is a no contract mobile phone service from Tucows.

Ting is changing the way mobile users look at mobile service. Rather than wade through a bunch of confusing, expensive bundled plans, Ting users choose from different buckets for voice minutes, text messages and megabytes of data. All shared between an unlimited number of devices.

With Ting, you create your own custom plan containing minutes, data, and text.  Pay only for what you use!  At the end of the month, get a refund for what you do not use!  Use more than you thought you would? Ting bumps you up to the next bucket without penalties. Use less? Ting credits you on your next bill.

Ting doesn’t charge overage fees, administrative or other add on fees.

It’s a smarter, friendlier way to do mobile.  Get started by clicking the Ting Logo to the right.