As a new parent this past year, and because of the fact that I have many clients with children as well, I’m constantly on the lookout for methods to make the Internet safe for kids.  This piece of software was actually recommended by one of my clients (Thanks Lori!), and it is pretty nice!

Let me run down the list:

  • Free internet filtering in over 70 categories, including tasteless, pornography, violence, hate / discrimination, etc.
  • Force SafeSearch on all major search engines
  • Set time restrictions to block web access during designated times
  • Configure custom lists for “always allow” and “always block”
  • Override a web page block with password
  • Trust the enhanced anti-tampering, even children can’t break
  • View easy reports to monitor and control web activity
  • Real-time categorization of new adult and malicious sites
  • Can be used on PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, and iPod!

My only beef with it so far, and it is a very small one – is that they do not have an Android application yet.  It is currently in the list of wants documented in their community forums and BlueCoat (the vendor that makes the product) is trying to figure out how to execute on it.  Again, this is a minor con.  What you have here, and I quote from their website, is “…the same advanced Web filtering technology used by enterprise and government institutions worldwide — all with a user-friendly interface that allows you to control Internet use in your home.”

I love it!  And I’ll be using it at home!

iPad / iPhone App