Schedule An Appointment with us!

Have a tech support need?  Awesome.  Here’s where you can schedule an appointment with us.  Don’t know how long to schedule the appointment?  Feel free to give us a call at 262.423.6267 x888 and we can answer that question for you.

We bill in 15 minute increments for remote support and 1 hour minimum (with 15 minute increments after the initial 1 hour) for onsite appointments.  Here’s some quick guidance on the types of appointments you can book with us:

  • Simple questions can usually be answered with a 15-30 minute phone call
  • Basic tech support needs that require an onsite appointment can be handled with a 1-2 hour in-person appointment
  • New computer setups, network installs, and other major projects should plan to book for a long appointment – 4 hours (we may be done in less time, but 3-4 hours is the average)

Brad Otto

Owner and IT Consultant

Richard Otto

IT Consultant