Frustration with finding the right camera cable….I’ve been seeing this a lot lately.  Where did I put the darn cable?  Is it in a drawer somewhere?  Am I using the right cable to connect my camera to my computer?

What if you could ditch the cable and just have your camera send your photos to any computer in the house using your home Wi-Fi network?  Even better, what if the camera managed the space available on itself ALL BY ITSELF….no more deleting photos from the card.  It should just remove them from your card as you fill it up after the pictures have been transferred to your computer for true ENDLESS memory space on your camera card.

Am I speaking of a camera card utopia that does not exist yet?  NO!  Enter the Eye-Fi line of wireless SD Camera cards.   Eye-Fi offers the first memory card to automatically upload photos & videos using WiFi.  I bought this for my wife last year for Christmas and she loves it.  I don’t even remember where we put our camera cable!

So, how do you get it?  Go to the Eye-Fi site to check your camera’s compatibility with the Eye-Fi line of products:

Will Eye-Fi work with my camera



Next, visit, they seem to have the best prices on the Eye-Fi cards whenever I have checked for one of my clients.

These cards work great when you have a central computer in the house to store all your digital media.  They will work with Mac or PC.  And now one final tip – make sure that whatever computer you are using to store your photos is being backed up so in case your hard drive fails, you don’t lose all those memories!