Very interesting learnings recently on FaceBook advertising. We have a client that chose to advertise on FaceBook. In December, we paused / stopped all ads. Yet, billing continued. Luckily, the client’s CC expired prior to any serious charges. Total outstanding bill is $7 – not a lot! But we cannot seem to get FaceBook to assist in removing that charge. Called the “FaceBook Ads” main number for advertising on FaceBook and their people said “Sorry, we do not have a support department number, you need to submit your request on FaceBook’s website for help”. We have done this, twice. Still waiting on a response over a month later. Now advising all clients to be careful when using FaceBook ads. There is not a sufficient support structure. I get it on the regular product – that is free. But, FaceBook charges for FaceBook Ads….shouldn’t they have a support model for this? Interestingly enough, another FaceBook ads person just called me because she missed my phone call when I called their sales line. She was wondering if I wanted to advertise on FaceBook. And no, she could not help me with my issue as she has no access to that information. When they want your money, they sure offer great service – LOL <RANT OVER>