Sign up now through No Contract Carrier Ting Wireless and save $50 off your first cell phone or hotspot device!

Ting is excellent.  So excellent that P3C Technologies believes in their service and has partnered with one of the only carriers that offers:

1. No contract service

2. Buy your own phones – instead of locking you into 2 year subsidized deals that end up costing more than buying the phone outright

3. MONEY BACK in the event you do not use all your minutes or data!  How many carriers do this???

Ting has challenged the way things are done in mobile phone service.  They offer outstanding value, usability and support.

At Ting, you buy your own new device, which is likely more affordable than you think.  They are confident you will recover that money quickly on their monthly plans.  They are so certain you will appreciate the way they do business that they do not lock you into a contract.  So if you do not, you are free to go!

So, sign up now and get $50 off your first device with Ting Mobile!