How are you measuring the social relationship with your website?  I’m talking about LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter, Yelp, <insert name of social networking service> driving traffic to your website.  Ideally, if you run a campaign in one of these networks, you want to drive traffic back to your website so individuals learn more about you, your products, or your services.

But how do you measure whether that campaign is doing anything at all?  Is it a waste of time?  What social network creates the most buzz and traffic back to your website?

Google Analytics should be a tool that you know very well or that your web developer knows and shares data with you.  You can get a report in your Inbox every Monday morning with a tracker that shows where your website traffic comes from.

For instance, I know via my social networking report that a majority of my referral traffic from social networks (over 71%) is coming from LinkedIn.  This tells me that more users are interested in my content on that social networking service, so I should definitely spend my time building a following and engaging with my audience there.  Then again, if my goal is to build a following on FaceBook and Twitter, I know I need to do more there if I am to be successful.

It’s web site tracking time, do you know where your users are?  If not, contact us at P3C Technologies to see how you can start measuring the social relationship.

The Social Relationship

Image Courtesy of Google Analytics