Tethering refers to the process of connecting one device to another device.  When it comes to mobile phones, tethering is defined as sharing the Internet connection of the phone with another device – say your computer or tablet.   This type of sharing can happen with a cable, over bluetooth, or by launching a mini wireless hot spot via your cell phone’s internal wireless card.

In a landmark ruling recently, the FCC forced Verizon Wireless to unblock third-party tethering applications within the Android Play Store.  So, for those tech savvy enough, you can download a third-party application to your Android phone and use it to avoid Verizon’s fee for tethering.  All major wireless carriers charge a separate fee for tethering, sometimes the fee is as much as the data plan itself?

Is your wireless carrier really charging you a fee to tether your phone?  You pay for your data, why should you not be able to use it as you see fit?


With Ting Wireless, you buy the data, and tethering is included at no extra cost.  And if you don’t use all your data?  You get a refund on your monthly premium for what you don’t use…and no overage fees / charges either.  If you go over your data use, you are automatically bumped up to the next plan level with no “punishment” fee.

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