Often customers ask me, “Brad, why am I not on the first page of Google Search Results?”

This is not a super easy thing to do, and unless you are offering the only product for a particular keyword or phrase and you are the only website out there for that product, a simple website is not going to drive you up in the search results list, nor will it drive traffic to you!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, relevant content is king.  If you have a static website without an integrated blog, you will most definitely be beaten out by another website that has one.  Don’t take my word for it, take the word of a guy who has been in the corporate communications business for years.  Paul Thewlis, considered an expert in the use of social media within corporate and business communications, as well as WordPress, blogs, and the web in general; says the exact same thing in his book WordPress for Business Bloggers:

“A continuous supply of frequently updated content is the key to improving search engine rankings…If you have a relatively lightweight company website that isn’t updated too often, you may find you get far better search engine success from a blog.  It’s basically down to the fact that search engines like fresh content to index.”



Content is king – exactly.  Paul goes on to talk about business websites that directly integrate their blog into their company website are better off search engine-wise (e.g. mynewbook.com should contain your blog instead of having another website called mynewbookblog.com).

So, you want to be found on Google in the search results hey?  Well, if you are not blogging or updating content on your website with any regularity, you had better get started!