Client mailbag:

I received a note from one of my clients, and they received the message below in their email inbox from their Internet service provider:


From: “AT&T Yahoo! Mail Virus Protection”

Sent: Tuesday, June 15, 2010 11:26 AM
Subject: Alert: Virus Detected but not Cleaned – Attachment Removed [Look my CV. Thank you.. MyID NR2675748.]

Your AT&T Yahoo! Mail Virus Protection detected the virus ‘Trojan.Sasfis’ in the file ‘’, attached to the enclosed email message. We scanned the file using Norton AntiVirus but were unable to clean it. Therefore, we removed the content of the attachment from the message. Please contact the message sender if you want to receive the attachment. They must clean the file and resend it before we can deliver it to you safely.

AT&T Yahoo! Mail successfully cleans most infected attachments, which protects you from viruses.


This email is only a warning from the client’s Internet provider that they detected a virus on the email within an attachment.  The attachment was removed.  The polite thing to do (if this email truly came from someone you trusted) would be to inform them that they have a virus and should check out their computer by running a security scan (or have it checked out by us!).