Press Release: P3C Technologies is very excited to announce it has partnered with – a business VoIP phone provider.  We can now offer

clients affordable solutions for business phone service with savings of 40-60% a month on their phone bill!

P3C brought is first client on-board the PhoneBooth Business Class phone system in May 2012 with excellent results.  We delivered with quality, on-budget, on-schedule, and with a happy customer:

“We, Helsan Development Co.,  underwent a full office phone system conversion, switching to Phonebooth.  Brad at P3C was instrumental in this conversion.  With his help, everything went very smooth.  He was knowledgeable about the product, responsive to our needs and had great follow up after the conversion.  We are thankful to have him on our team!”

 Jennifer Miller Helsan Development Co. LLC

Not only was the delivery excellent, but Helsan ended up saving 45% on their monthly phone bill, a savings of over $100 a month on their bill!

Helsan was also able to sell its old phone system to an online reseller recommended by P3C, netting a nice sum for a system that was already fully depreciated on its books!  The monthly savings on the phone bill will pay for the new phone system labor and equipment costs in under 10 months!