You have a couple of options if you want Internet access when you take your tablet, laptop, iPod Touch, or any other device you own (as long as it has a built-in wireless card) with you out of town:

1. Visit a Local hotspot in the same town (e.g. Panera, Starbucks)

2. See if the hotel or home you will be a guest at has a wired / wireless internet connection (wireless is your only option for the iPad, but the laptop can do both)

3. If you have a smart phone with internet access, depending on the model and carrier you use, you can likely share the internet connection from your phone (note that there may be charges depending on your wireless carrier for doing this, book an appointment with us if you would like help with this feature of your phone).

4. If you want Internet access no matter where you go for both your laptop, iPad, or other device (up to a total off 5 devices), you can get what is called a mobile hot spot device from Verizon wireless.  It is basically a little thin box that connects to Verizon’s wireless cellular network, and it sets up a mini private wireless network that travels with you!  It allows just your devices to connect…so you can share the Internet connection amongst multiple computers, tablets, etc.

The downside of option #4 is that you must pay a monthly fee to access the Internet with this device, but at least it is only one monthly fee for all of your devices.  If you have a tablet, a laptop, or even multiple laptops (because everyone in your family has to bring their computer on the trip), then the mobile hot spot is a very good deal.