From time to time, P3C Technologies will recommend particular products and services.  For the past two years, we’ve been regularly recommending the Brother line of multi-function printers to homes and small businesses alike.  Why?

1. A quality product

2. At a very fair price

3. Reasonably priced ink – both OEM from Brother, and in generic form

4. Quality customer service with minimal hold times for the rare times you need to call in

I own two Brother print devices for my own home office

1. A laser black and white printer for higher volume printing
2. A multi-function office jet style printer that I can use to scan, fax, print, or copy.  AND, I can use it from my PC, iPad, and Android based phones…the scanning and printing work on all platforms.


Brother does it right.  If you are looking for a reasonably priced, quality printer product, look no further than the Brother line of printers. seems to have the best prices on these devices, I’ve linked to one that is of excellent quality below.  It is fully compatible with PC, Mac, Apple AirPrint for the iPhone / iPad, and Android based tablets and phones.