So, my Droid Incredible on Verizon finally reached its last leg yesterday. It no longer will read a microSD card, randomly reboots itself, and generally cannot handle the needs of an entrepreneur that lives in his car traveling to client sites. What did I order to replace my aging device? That’s right, a Samsung Galaxy SIII on my new favorite wireless provider, Ting (operating on the sprint network).

But Brad, why didn’t you buy the new iPhone?

I’ll tell you:

1. To quote Samsung, “the next best thing is already here”.  Check out their video for the Galaxy SIII that has gone viral which pokes fun at Apple’s new iPhone

2. Apple, being Apple, decided to change their plug so none of the old products work with it unless you have an adapter.

3. For a road warrior, I need a phone with maps that don’t suck.  I need to be able to map where I am going with ease.

4. Samsung’s voice recognition beats Apple’s Siri

5. I already own an iPad, so that I can support my customers who do love Apple products by being familiar with it myself

6. Even if I did want the iPhone, it is not available on my wireless carrier of choice – Ting Wireless

7. Again, road warrior status.  The SIII has 49% more battery life plus a removable battery.

8. The SIII chip is 2.8 times faster than that of the iPhone 5.

9. A phone that supports Adobe Flash is still beneficial.  I still get questions from folks with iPads…”Brad, why can’t I view this video on my iPad?”…”Well, you see, Apple got in this fight with Adobe years ago….”

10. 20% bigger Screen size on the Galaxy SIII.

11. iTunes can be hard to work with…need I say more folks?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not an Apple Hater.  I enjoy their products.  I have a Mac Mini in my kitchen and an iPad.  I use both regularly (I’m typing this blog post on my Mac Mini.  I’m just more impressed with Samsung’s phones.