Did you get a questionable email that you thought was from your bank?  Make sure your chord is not being yanked by a fraudster running social engineering scams.  Here are a few things to keep in mind about banking online and how your bank will protect you:

1.  Your bank will typically only address emails to your first name (not your first and last name) and the email will likely incorporate your account number which may be xxx’d out except for the last few digits for security purposes.

2.  Your bank will never contact you via email (text or phone, either) to confirm personal stuff like Customer/Account Number, Saver ID, PIN, Social Security number or any other private info.

If you receive an email that’s suspicious for any reason, don’t respond and don’t open it.  In fact, you can check with your bank by calling or forwarding it to their Internet security department.  Talk with your bank to find out where to send suspicious emails for them to analyze.